Alfred Seccombe has been designated a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) by the US Green Building Council. In 2009 North Star launched a new division focusing on sustainable energy systems and energy efficiency in existing and new homes.

We will study and review your existing home, or future home ideas, to help you lower or eliminate your energy costs and carbon footprint. This includes reviewing all your energy uses such as lighting, appliances, heating and cooling as well as the components of your home that can make your energy more efficient OR less efficient. At this time THERE IS NO CHARGE for energy audits.

With current rebates and tax incentive, about 45% of the cost of solar panel installations is paid for by the government. Generally the cost of borrowing the money to install solar panels is lower than your electric bill, so your financial outlay can actually go DOWN almost immediately, and once your system is paid for your electricity will be free. New legislation in California might even allow you to make a profit selling your home generated electricity back to PG&E.

Let us study your current home or future home plans to see how passive solar design could lower or eliminate your need to use mechanical heating and cooling systems.